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2021 Scream Your T!ts Off - Playlist

One last gift and a bit of fun for everyone!

Whilst I was creating the 2021 Holiday Yarn Kit an idea occurred to me: what if I could combine my love of a good pun with my love of music? As I named each colourway I had various songs running through my head, so I decided to put together a playlist on Spotify for you all to enjoy!

A bright variegated yarn skein of pink, purple, orange, yellow and white lies on a pale wooden background, next to an iPod and headphones, and various crafting tools


Twenty five songs for 25 colourways, each song inspired by a colourway’s name. Some were easy, some were really tough. As with the yarn, the overriding theme is bright, playful and no smut (although there may be a few anatomical parts mentioned 😉). Can you guess the name of all 25 colourways from the songs?

In case you don’t have a Spotify account (there is a free version available), I will be adding each song to my daily reveal on this blog, presented as a Youtube video. Occasionally there may be an alternative song available due to Spotify not having the song or version available that I wanted to include. 

I hope you love this playlist as much as I loved putting it together for you! 🎵🎧🎉


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