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Yarn Care


Hand dyed yarn is a work of art - no two skeins are the same. All my yarn is small batch dyed using professional dyes and techniques. I make every effort to ensure that dyeing is consistent from batch to batch however due to the nature of hand dyeing there will be some variation both within and between dye batches.

  • I recommend that you order enough yarn to complete your project
  • If your project uses multiple skeins of yarn I recommend that you alternate skeins every couple of rows or rounds to avoid obvious differences in colour within you project


Some of the yarn bases are listed as machine washable, but to prolong the life of your project I recommend all projects are hand washed and dried flat in the shade. I recommend a good quality wool wash such as Soak and lukewarm water.

Hand dyed yarn may bleed the first few times they are washed, particularly very dark or very bright colours. I take every precaution to reduce this possibility:

  • All yarn is dyed to exhaustion, meaning that the water in the dye pot is clear
  • All yarn is washed in wool wash and warm water, rinsed to remove washing solution then spun to remove excess water before drying

As I cannot replicate your washing routine exactly, I recommend that you wash your project separate from other items for it's first wash. If you have any doubts as to the colour fastness of the yarn you can:

  • Knit a swatch and wash as above - if the water runs clear then you are good to go!
  • Pre-wash the suspect skein of yarn taking care not to tangle it (you may need to add extra ties to the skein)