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2021 Holiday Yarn - Day 2

Spoiler Alert!

If you don't wish to know about today's colourway from the 2021 Scream Your T!ts Off Holiday Yarn Kit, then look away now.

You have been warned!
Multiple skeins of brightly variegated yarn burst out of the top of a black brasserie with gold stars, all on a pale wooden background


Colourway name

Filthy Pillows - charcoal grey with undertones of pink, purple, orange and yellow 

Multiple variegated mini skeins of yarn in charcoal grey with undertones of pink, purple, orange and yellow lying vertically on the screen. 

Song of the Day

Every time I thought about the name Filthy Pillows, I thought of one of my favourite sleepy Sunday type songs - "Breathing You In" by The Whitlams. The only reference that ties this song to today's colourway is a line that goes "And I'm an inside-outted pillow". 

A mellow, laid-back kind of song that sticks in your head, and reminds you of the important little things in life like relaxing with your loved ones and taking life easy 😊


Colour Progression

Two dark variegated mini skeins of yarn with white labels lie on a brown wooden background.



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