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Knitting Directly From The Skein

The beginning of the Holiday Knitting Season is almost upon us once again, and minds are turning to Festive Season craft-alongs and Yarn Kits. The idea is basically to take a little time each day in December for ourselves, do a little knitting or preferred crafting pursuit, and hopefully end up with a Finished Object on Christmas Day. 

Although not compulsory, many people take advantage of Holiday Yarn Kits available, supporting their favourite yarn providers in exchange for a little yarn surprise parcel to open every day in December leading up to Christmas Day. There is much variety of theme and type of yarn available to choose from, and even other craft related Kits, like fibre or stitch markers, to name a few.

In what is often an action-packed time, where carving out a little "Me Time" can be challenging, the last thing on my mind is winding my surprise mini-skein into a tiny cake/ball before I can start working with it (although there is merit in the slow lane - taking time to enjoy watching the colours unfold and the little cake grow).

A few years ago I did a video showing how I work directly from the skein; a useful skill for both minis and full sized skeins alike! Warning: this is not foolproof, as occasionally you will find a naughty skein that will tangle and just won't play nicely. But I've only found one or two skeins over the years that I had to have stern words to! 😅

The following video on Instagram is from 2019, and has a prelude to that year's Advent Calendar Yarn Kit; the total length of the video is about 7 minutes, and the bit about working directly from the skein is around the 3 minute mark (in case you don't want to watch the whole video).

Don't forget to comment or tag me on IG and let me know if you found the tip useful! 😊



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