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A close up of semi-solid red with hints of maroon and crimson coloured skeins of non-superwash baby alpaca, silk and linen 4ply fingering weight yarn (Japonica on Spinifex)

Japonica - Spinifex

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Japonica is semi-solid red with hints of maroon and crimson. The natural warm oatmeal white colour makes this yarn slightly more rusty/terracotta coloured than on other yarn bases.


  • 50% non-superwash baby alpaca, 25% silk, 25% linen
  • 100g/400m/438yd
  • Hand wash only. This yarn may felt if washed in hot water and/or agitated. Air dry flat in shade

The baby alpaca in this yarn lends softness and a little warmth, while the silk and linen provide a coolness suitable for summer wear. The alpaca and silk take up the dye beautifully but the linen does not, lending a soft rustic look to this yarn. None of the fibres have any elasticity, so expect pure drape, perfect for shawls and oversize tops.

Hand dyed yarn is a work of art - no two skeins are the same. We recommend that you order enough yarn to complete your project, and that you alternate skeins every couple of rows to avoid obvious colour differences.