Welcome! Please see here for more information on The Big Wool Show

The Big Wool Show

Hi Everybody! Welcome to The Big Wool Show - four fun-filled days of fibrey goodness 🥳🧶💖

The Good News: I have LOTS of yarn available, mostly based around the colours of the 2019 Advent Calendar yarn kit - A Sunburnt Country; as well as knitting patterns, accessories and gift cards. 
The Bad News: I have been hamstrung without Internet this month so I can’t upload the new listings to the website 😭

(I live on a rural property and the nearest town is a two hour round trip. I need to use my desktop for business; I can do very limited things on my tablet using mobile data 😅)

Can I ask you to do three things for me?

  • Please join my newsletter list (at the bottom of the page, or the pop-up box). I will then be able to notify you when I can get new stock up and loaded
  • Please ask any questions that you may have via DM, email or the Chat box in the bottom right hand corner. I’ll answer you asap
  • Please share the love with all of your friends: the yarn, the colours, your projects.

I will try to share some teaser photos on Instagram and Facebook to pique your interest. I may even be able to upload one or two products over the weekend 🤞🤞🤞

Thank you for supporting a small business in trying times.