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One large bottle of Soak rinse-free laundry liquid with a grey label, on a tan background (Lacey scent)

Soak 375ml Economy Size 75 Washes - Lacey

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Soak is the modern way to clean and refresh the laundry you love.

  • Gentle, rinse-free and eco-friendly; made with plant derived and renewable ingredients
  • Ideal for fibre, yarn or finished items such as knitwear, swimwear, gymwear, lingerie, quilts, baby clothes, toys and more
  • Safe for all plant and animal fibres
  • At 75+ washes per bottle this is the best value for money

Lacey - material girl. Inspired by spring blossoms with the spicy sweetness of bergamot; a simple and feminine fragrance.  Smells like Freshly Laundered Linen.