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  • 2021 Holiday Yarn - Day 1

    If you don't wish to know about the Day 1 colourway from the 2021 Scream Your T!ts Off Holiday Yarn Kit, then look away now.

    You have been warned!

  • 2021 Scream Your T!ts Off - Playlist

    An idea occurred to me: what if I could combine my love of a good pun with my love of music? So I decided to put together a playlist for you all to enjoy! Can you guess the name of all 25 colourways from the songs?

  • What's a TOC?

    In case you weren't aware, in July 2018 there was a worldwide yarn-craft inspired fundraising effort called the Tits Out Collective. This is a brief history summary of the story behind the TOC.
  • Knitting Directly From The Skein

    With the holiday season almost upon us, I share a time-saving tip on working directly from the skein (instead of having to cake your yarn it first).